Things To Know Before You Buy A Charcoal Grill

Things To Know Before You Buy A Charcoal Grill

April 12, 2022

Summers are just around the corner. It's the time to enjoy delicious food straight off the grill with your loved ones gathered to make lasting memories. Many charcoal grill fans maintain that their grills cook much more flavorful food with a smokey taste from the coals. They love the idea of not having to buy propane tanks frequently, along with the fact that charcoal grills tend to heat much more quickly and conveniently.

If you don't already own a charcoal grill and are thinking of buying one, the first step is to consider what you're planning to use it for. Do you plan to barbeque turkeys or racks of ribs or mainly steaks, burgers, and hotdogs? Additionally, budget and how much space you have are also crucial factors. Here are a few things to know before investing in a charcoal grill.

#1 Charcoal Grills are Relatively Affordable

The best thing that attracts charcoal fans worldwide is that, for the most part, charcoal grills won't break the back. There are fancy options available in the market worth thousands of dollars, but small, portable charcoal grills are quite affordable for anyone looking to start their grilling journey.

#2 Charcoal Grills are Available in Many Sizes

Thinking of getting a portable charcoal grills for camping trips? Many reasonably sized options are there for you to choose from. Before investing in a charcoal grill, it's best to determine how you plan to use it to ensure you'll have enough space for anything and everything you can imagine.

grilled vegetable on skewers

#3 Charcoal Grills Are Easier to Use with Extra Accessories

Cleaning and lighting charcoal grills can be a little tricky. Some charcoal grills come with small propane panels at the bottom to help the coals light, which is handy for days when you want to speed up the dinner-making process instead of turning it into a production!

However, the best way to make things convenient is to invest in a collapsible charcoal chimney. It's not very expensive and helps get the coals hot faster without the need for extra fluids. The hollow collapsible metal cylinder needs to be filled with charcoal before placing it on the top of the grill. Lighter coals or newspapers can be used to get the charcoal hot. Then, transfer it to the grill and get cooking!

#4 Charcoal Grills are Available in Many Types

While all charcoal grills are excellent for barbecuing, smoking, or grilling, each type has its particular strength. For instance, kettle grills are relatively smaller with a near-spherical shape to reflect and retain the heat inside, helping the food cook evenly. They're versatile and often come with removable ash receptacles to make them easier to clean, but the size may mean you'll need to stack the food or cook it in batches.

Barrel grills are much bigger and are mostly designed for barbequing, grilling, and smoking. It has a chimney and air vents, along with a wheeled stand to move it around. Some barrel grills come with an additional warming rack along with the main one. They offer much more generous cooking capacity and are relatively cheaper than ceramic grills, which are considered the most expensive type of charcoal grills. Perhaps due to their solid ceramic construction, which allows superior heat control and the ability to cook at temperatures over 200 F, making it perfect for smoking and barbecuing but also cooking pizza and baking other stuff.  

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