Glamping Dome (20'ft)

CampMaid's 6m (20'ft) Glamping Domes are for elevated camping experiences, vacation properties, backyards, and disaster relief. They are easy to set-up, waterproof, fire and UV resistant. 

*Glamping Dome Orders for Maui Fire Victim Disaster Relief are being prioritized. If you order one for yourself and donate one to Maui, you will receive 50% off your second dome. Add 2 domes to your cart, at checkout enter Discount Code: BOGODOME 


  • Diameter: 6m/20'ft
  • Center Height: 11.8ft
  • Inside Living Space: 305 sq ft
  • Outer cover is waterproof, fire resistant (B1), and UV resistant
  • Main frame is galvanized steel with hot dipped galvanized finish to prevent rusting
  • Able to withstand heavy rain, gale-force winds (62 mph), cold winters, and hot summers
  • Assembly takes 2-3 people 1/2 day


  • Color options: Khaki, White, Green, Brown, Gray, Tan, Black
  • Floor: 6.2m platform base + flooring cover
  • Bathroom with toilet, sink, shower
  • Insulation: White, Khaki, Gray
  • Curtains: White, Khaki, Gray, Rust
  • Glass door with keyless entry
  • Ventilation windows
  • Keyless entry door
  • Stove jack
  • Solar fan
  • Skylight with motorized blinds

*Shipping, taxes, delivery fees will be calculated after order is placed based on location

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