Playing With Fire: Campfire Games For Adults

Playing With Fire: Campfire Games For Adults

March 30, 2022

Gathering around the traditional campfire to play games and go crazy with loved ones is just one of the simple pleasures to look forward to for escaping the perils of routine lives. Spending quality time with your friends without worrying about cleaning the house, paying the bills, or running with the kids is an easy way to reflect, relax, and reconnect with the people who matter the most.

Aside from an escape from everyday life, campfire trips are times to be enjoyed with food, drinks, and fun games that help you laugh the night away. However, there's just one rule of having a good time when you're in a group of adults: everyone should be willing to play! We've rounded a bunch of fun games you can play around the fire with your favorite people.


This game is similar to sabotaging or playing The Resistance. The only difference is that you choose a moderator to keep things clean while each player takes on an undisclosed role of a villager, doctor, seer, or werewolf.

Alternating day and night rounds are played. The werewolves secretly kill the villagers while the doctors attempt to heal them, and the seer tries to reveal the werewolves. Living villagers use the daytime rounds to interrogate and lynch the accuses werewolves through votes. Meanwhile, werewolves feign their innocence and make false accusations, attempting to make the villagers lynch one of their own. When a player gets killed off, they get to sit out while the last one standing wins the game!


This is an incredibly fun paper-and-pen game where a person chooses sensible categories like fruits, countries, animals, and colors. You can add brain-swooshing twists to outsmart your friends with your impressive knowledge of 'unusual' or specialized topics. Try cocktails, series characters, infectious diseases, or anything you can imagine! You can either carry a miniature sand timer, and alphabet die with you or use a smartphone to get unbiased letter selection via apps.  

The Ground is Lava

While this can be played anywhere at any time, spring it on your friends while gathering firewood, pitching tents, or stroking up on the ice. The more public and random you make it, the better. Whenever a person shouts, 'the ground is lava,' everyone must find a higher ground immediately to avoid being severely burnt or losing the game by dying. The last person to find refuge by diving into a bin, leaping into a hedge, or clinging onto the back of another person, loses.

Food cooking in a Dutch oven

Make Me Laugh

Oh, the classic stare-down game that everyone loves to play! While it can be trickier to play in the dark, make players face-off to see who laughs first. Let them tell jokes, ask crazy questions, make faces, or do anything to make even the most serious people crack a laugh. Regardless of the method you use, the goal is to keep the 'opponent' laughing.


After truth or dare, this might be the second most played game adults play at some point or another. However, the dark surroundings can bring in some funny and unique interpretations. You can add twists by choosing themes, drawing inspiration from pop culture, cinema, historical figures, etc.

Cooking Madness

No camping trip is complete without delicious food. Turn it into a game by asking each team to cook a recipe using the cast Dutch ovens. Or divide the work by giving each time the task to prep for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or desserts.

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