About the Inventor

Ken Yocum is an entrepreneur, avid outdoorsman and cooking enthusiast! You name a sport - he does it! Camping, Hunting, Kite Surfing, Fishing, Scuba Diving, Skiing, Climbing, Road/Mountain Biking, Hiking! Ken lives part-time in Utah at CampMaid's founding headquarters and part-time playing in Maui.


In 2008, Ken and his childhood friend were tinkering around in the garage with ideas for a new dutch oven lid lifter that would be much easier, safer to use, and leaves no trace... 

In 2013, CampMaid's grab-and-hold Lid Lifter launched in the USA!

In 2014, Ken was doing product demonstrations for CampMaid fans, and discovered if he flipped the lid over it turned into a skillet! Now all he needed was a heat source to attach under the skillet lid.... And the Charcoal Holder Heat Source was born!

The excitement and momentum from this point forward was unstoppable. The ideas flowed and Ken realized why stop at a skillet, turning the same concept into the Flip Grill! CampMaid's cast iron line soon followed with the 12", 10", 8" pre-seasoned custom dutch ovens and tool bags. 

CampMaid is a self-funded start-up business headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our passion is creating new unique products for outdoor enthusiasts. We take great pride in constantly improving our quality products.