Tips For Outdoor Cooking in A Dutch Oven

Tips For Outdoor Cooking in A Dutch Oven

April 08, 2022

Cooking with cast iron Dutch oven in camps is simple yet fun only if you know how. You can make delicious snacks, desserts, and meals in Dutch ovens. They're one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor cooking equipment for camping you can own.

From simmering vegetable stews to braising different types of meat or baking cookies and apple pies, there's a lot you can do with Dutch ovens. What we particularly love about cast Dutch ovens is the ease of cleaning and using and the diversity of making really tasty food during camping trips.

Whether you're planning to buy a Dutch oven or want to brush up on your skills, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

Tip #1- Know the Difference between a Home Vs Camping Dutch Oven

Home Dutch ovens are often sealed in enamel with flat bottoms. They're designed specifically to be used on stovetops, in ovens, or in-home kitchens. Home Dutch ovens cannot be used with campfires. Conversely, camping Dutch ovens are made from cast iron with a flat flanged lid and support legs at the bottom. They're designed to be used with wood embers or hot charcoal during camping trips.

Tip #2- Check Seasoning Before You Cook

Proper care of your Dutch oven is crucial, especially if you want to avoid nasty post-cleanups. While CampMaid Dutch Ovens are pre-seasoned, you may want to add an extra layer of seasoning. Coat it with vegetable oil and let it bake for an hour or so at high temperatures. Then let it cool, and your Dutch oven is ready to cook with a natural and easy-release finish. It also helps increase flavor and make cleaning a breeze.

Tip #3- Pair it With Useful Accessories

While accessories aren't completely necessary, you can use various tools to make Dutch oven cooking easier.

  • Ditch the lighter fluid and invest in a collapsible charcoal chimney to light your coal safely and quickly. Don't forget to get a charcoal holder as well when you shop for the charcoal chimney for camping.
  • Get a lid lifter, which functions as a pot stand, lid-lifter, kickstand, and bail hook, too! You can easily fit it into the Dutch oven if you're worried about carrying it.
  • While we've tried several different welding mitts, none have ever beaten the superiority of heat-resistant gloves available at CampMaid.
  • A pair of metal tongs help move or reposition charcoal If you plan to use them, don't forget to add them to your camping essentials wish list.

Dutch oven tools set

Tip #4- Always Keep the Cooking Timeline in Mind

Start the campfire at least half an hour before you plan to start dinner. Dutch oven meals typically take over an hour or so to cook perfectly. So, you should start the process a couple of hours before sunset so that you don't have to miss any mesmerizing sunset photos opportunities. This way, you'll not leave any scraps for animals, and cleaning will be completed before it gets dark.

Tip #5- Don't Forget the Potential of Endless Meal Options

Oh, the options you have when cooking in Dutch ovens are endless! Snacks, breakfast, dinner, and even desserts—there's literally nothing you cannot cook. Cooking is fairly easy, but you need to manage the time when cooking your favorite types of meats like cobblers, stews, steals, or more. Don't forget that batter mixes and biscuits work well in Dutch ovens, too!

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