7-Piece Dutch Oven Tools Set (All CampMaid Tools)


MSRP $161 if items are purchased separately. Save $41 with this bundle!

7-Piece Set Includes:

  • CampMaid Lid Lifter keeps lids out of the dirt. Also used as a serving stand and lid holder - View Full Info
  • CampMaid Flip Grill/Trivet - View Full Info
  • CampMaid Charcoal/Wood Holder Heat Source - View Full Info
  • CampMaid KickStand - View Full Info
  • Heat Safe Dutch Oven Leather Gloves - View Full Info
  • (*Dutch oven sold separately or in 6 or Piece Combo)
  • CampMaid Tools Bag for CampMaid Tools: Lid Lifter, Charcoal Holder, Flip Grill, Kick Stand fit into 1 bag.
  • CampMaid's Collapsible Charcoal Chimney is a unique twist on the traditional concept to quickly heat charcoal for outdoor cooking!  View Full Info

    • Quickly heats charcoal for outdoor cooking (7-10 minutes)
    • Portable and collapsible

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