Get GRILN and you’ll be cookin!

CampMaid’s new Griln makes outdoor cooking easy to grill, fry, bake and boil! Small, portable, clean smoke, adjustable fire power, non-stick easy to clean! A fun social cooking experience perfect for camping, vanlife/RV’s, survival, scouts, patios, beach, picnics, river rafting, and boats! Griln is this summer's hottest new way to cook and so easy to use you'll be chillin' while Griln!

With GRILN, you not only grill, but you can also fry, bake, boil in one portable system! Manage your heat level by turning the fan dial up or down. Non-stick easy to clean! GRILN's compact design is easy to carry and store. 

What you will receive:

* Stove rack
* Baking tray
* Oil-receiving pan
* Charcoal container
* Firelighter tray
* BBQ body
* Heat protection clip
* Oil brush
* Grill clip
* Travel Oxford bag